One-of-a-kind Alpaca Clothing

Susan Neri-Waldron Alpaca Tunics
Silk & Alpaca Jackets & Tunics
The silk & alpaca jackets and tunics are truly one-of-a-kind. Each garment is like reading a mystery - you can plan and follow the plot, but there will be unforeseen twists and turns, and you just do not know how it will turn out until it is complete. How cool is that?

How I make the Tunics:
I start with the raw alpaca fiber, the fiber is cleaned, combed and hand dyed to make a palette of colors to work from. It is laid out on silk or alpaca felt to create the design. The work is massaged in a way that lets the fibers join together and does not disturb the design. Gently rubbing over a textured surface or a rolled sandwich of bubble wrap, firms the felt and makes it a new stable fabric.

The process is simple, time consuming and the possibilities are absolutely endless! I feel that I have just scratched the surface. Combining this with the raising and breeding of alpacas has created a very satisfying life.

The tunics are lightweight. The pullover tunic has a base of hand dyed, silk chiffon. My very own rare Suri Alpaca fiber is hand dyed and used for the wet felt. This fiber has characteristics of both silk and cashmere. I love color, alpaca fiber, and silk and am able to combine all of these things in these original, one of a kind designs. Hand wash in cold or warm water, as you would a fine sweater, or dry clean. One size fits all. Approximately 40” wide x 30” long.
Alpaca/Silk Capes are each made individually with one-of-a-kind designs. It is always fun to watch the process of each being felted because there is a sense of mystery to see how the fibers are going to felt and blend together. They are all made with silk and my own Suri Alpaca fibers. Capes are one-size fits all.

Alpaca/Silk Vests: Each is hand-made and it is always a mystery for how they will turn out. Planning is involved, but the mystery is how all the colors will end up blending and felting together. It is always enjoyable to watch the process and see the finished result.
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