February 27, 2016


This is my first blog entry. I have been journaling for the last 25 years. It all started with the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. A great book to get yourself started with creative work. It helps to clear away all of the negativity that holds you back and starts some very good habits. It shows you how many of the road blocks to your own creativity have been put there by others---many time well meaning and loving people that say crushingly critical things to the tender soul of creativity in a young person. Ms. Cameron helps you to route out the bad stuff, deal with it, heal it and blossom. I highly recommend the book. So now this will be my art journal.  It seems very presumptuous, but perhaps it will be of some use to share my struggles.

So.....January and all the fun family stuff of Christmas is a memory and there are no shows for a long time. 2015 was a very good year and inventory needs to be replenished, but nothing is urgent. I love my fiber work, but I also love to paint, but what medium? I love them all, pastel, watercolor, oils, acrylic and fiber tapestries. I had a plan and did the same subject, a pear in each medium. I still love them all but I do have my favorites, oils and fiber tapestries. Here art the photos of my experiment;

Susan Waldron
Susan Waldron